The subject of my research is the experience of contingency.
Something is contingent, when it is possible in yet another way.
When the future course of development is unpredictable or
intangible with an ambiguous outcome. I’m interested in
uncertain states and their social and theoretical context and
how those can become perceivable in my artistic practice.

One field of my research deals with the future. The future is a
space for wishes, hopes and possibilities, but likewise for
uncertainty, risk and challenge. In order to deal with the unknown
and to overcome the boundary of time, society has developed
different techniques ranging from traditional divination to
probability calculations, from speculative fiction to algorithmic
prophecy & predictive analytics.
How does the increasing influence of technology in the era of
boundless data shape how we deal with the future, how we feel
about it and what we expect from it? To what extent do algorithms
even fabricate the future and what does that mean for us?

In a mode I call a “hyperlinked logic“ my lecture performance
will illuminate thoughts on these questions and draw out different
paths of possibilities aswell as aspects of my own artistic practice.